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SC 2004 LBNL Visualization Group Demos/Projects/Presentations

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Other Projects


Visualization of Electron Walkers Computed by Quantum Monte Carlo Simulation of Energy Pathways in Photosynthesis Reactions (Incite 1)

Incite3: Visualization Helps Provide Insight into 3D Fluid Turbulence and Mixing at High Reynolds Number

Visualization of the Electron-Cloud Effect (ECE)

LBNL Remote, Distributed and High Performance AMR Visualization

Visualization of Computational Atomic Physics for Fusion

Structural Biology

Meeting Challenges in Molecular Biology Through Interactive Visual Data Analysis

Immersive Information Visualization for Exploration, Discovery and Analysis

MBender: Leveraging QuickTime VR as a Delivery Vehicle for Remote and Distributed Visualization

Query Driven 3D Visualization Using Fastbit Indexing


Science-Driven Visualization Research Challenges

The ever growing size and complexity of data from scientific simulations is creating a bottleneck in analyzing and understanding simulation results. In addition, while the computations tend to be performed at centralized facilities, analysis is performed by distributed teams of scientists at remote locations. The LBNL Visualization research effort focuses on combining fundamental science-driven visualization research to accelerate data understanding in both a remote and distributed context. (This talk will focus on our vis research effort, couched in terms of science-driven motivations). SC04-LBNL-Visualization.pdf (7MB).

SC04 NERSC User Group Meeting - Visualization Topics

Our Visualization Program update at the SC04 NUG meeting focused on introducing our new NERSC visualization platform, SC04-NUG-Visualization.pdf.