This is an archival copy of the Visualization Group's web page 1998 to 2017. For current information, please vist our group's new web page.

AVS/Express at NERSC

Availability  Up-to-date information on which versions of AVS/Express are running on which NERSC platforms is available at: NERSC Visualization Software Applications. Note that on Seaborg, version 6.3 is the default and 'terminal' version; AVS Inc. will not be providing any product updates for AIX in the future. -->

Table of Contents


Accessing Express


HTML Documentation

Emacs Modes For Express (unsupported downloads)

Tutorials for Downloads (use shift left-mouse to download files)

Additional Resources


Sample Screen Shots

Examples of visualizations for which AVS/Express has been used are available on the NERSC Analytics Visualization page under Case Studies, or on the Visualization Group's Vignettes page (2005 and later).

  Click on the image to see the AVS/Express network.