hdf4reader Project

AVS/Express reader for HDF 4.1r5 files on escher.lbl.gov.

This tarball, hdf4reader.tar.gz, contains all the V code, c code, libraries, and documentation for the project.

Once the files have been unzipped and untarred, the project should be ready to compile. Run express at the top level directory, look for the Templates, LBL_APPS, HDF4Reader, Mods library, select it and from the Project pull down menu select compile.

Please read hdf_macs.html for information on inputs and outputs to the HDF4Reader Macro.


The following files can be found in the lbl_proj/hdf4reader directory.

Example Application

An example application, HDF4ReaderEg, is provided in the LBL_APPS.HDF4Reader.Macs library and also in LBL.Examples library.