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MPEG Generation with AVS/Express

Express provides an image capture (main data_io) module that allows the user to capture frames and generate an MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 movie with them. The frames are stored in AVS .x format either in memory or in disk.

The module interface includes the capture modes, viewing modes, playback controls, and movie controls. A snapshot of the interface and a simple network to capture rotating frames of a field are shown below. This network was used to make this MPEG movie .

A more elaborate network to read a sequence of images and capture them with image capture to produce an MPEG is shown below.

The V code needed to run this network can be downloaded from lbl_proj.tar.gz . After unzipping and untarring this file, please see the README file and the readimages_macs.html file for an explanation on how to load and run the application.