This is an archival copy of the Visualization Group's web page 1998 to 2017. For current information, please vist our group's new web page.


There are two overall goals for this project. We propose a process of discovery for the purpose of identifying and defining a research and development agenda for combustion visualization. The discovery process will involve close collaboration with the Combustion program at NERSC/LBNL, and will dovetail with the ffort proposed in a related 1999 LDRD (Bell, Brown and Colella). With such an agenda, we also propose to deliver by fiscal year's end a set of software tools that address some of the high-priority visualization needs of the NERSC/LBNL Combusion program. These include tools that are capable of embedded boundary geometry visualization, as well as tools that are capable of processing large data sets.

Download the PDF version of the LDRD submission.

The purpose of this page is to provide documentation of the effort and progress on this project.