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TeraScale Atomic Physics for Controlled Fusion Energy

Numerical solutions of Quantal four body breakup

These movies show the time evolution of a wavepacket scattering from a Helium atom. The three coordinates represent the radial positions of each electron.
  • Triple photoionization of the Lithium atom, J. Colgan, M.S. Pindzola, and F.Robicheaux, Physical Review Letters 93, 053201 (2004)
  • Double photoionization of the Hydrogen molecule, J. Colgan, M.S. Pindzola, and F. Robicheaux, Journal of Physics B Letters, submitted
  • Electron impact double ionization of the Helium atom, M.S. Pindzola, F. Robicheaux, J. Colgan, M.C. Witthoeft, J.A. Ludlow, Physical Review A 70, 032705 (2004)

    wave192 data set

    mwave96 data set