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H5hut (HDF5 Utility Toolkit) and H5part (HDF5 Particle Parallel I/O Library)

Current Information

The H5hut (HDF5 Utility Toolkit) is very much under active development and distribution. Our colleagues and collaborators at the Paul Scherrer Institut in Switzerland are leading this effort.

For access to the current project web pages, as well as access to the software, install instructions, documentation, and so forth, please visit the H5hut project page at:

Current project page:

Historical Information

The H5part project began in the mid-2000s as a vehicle for simplifying parallel I/O from particle-based physics codes, commonly used in accelerator modeling. The H5part library was a very simple and lightweight veneer layer that simplified use of the HDF5 parallel I/O library. Physics codes that used H5part, and by extension, HDF5, were able to realize very high levels of parallel I/O with only a minimal investment in code changes. The H5part library was also used to create data loaders for visualization applications like AVS, VisIt, and ParaView.

The H5part project, which was a collaboration between computer scientists and physicists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Paul Scherrer Institut in Switzerland, evolved into the H5hut project starting around 2010. This evolution reflected the desire to provide support for more types of data models than simply collections of particles.

Starting at 2010, our colleagues at PSI began to take an increasing leadership role of this project. At this point, they are the project leaders, and are doing an outstanding job of development and code releases in support of the high energy physics research modeling community.

For historical reference, links to the original project pages (at LBNL) are listed below: