Advanced Flux Visualization and Virtual Reality for Reservoir Engineering

Wes Bethel, Janet Jacobsen, Nancy Johnston - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley CA

Todd Little - Western Atlas Software, Houston TX

Andy Austin, Mark Lederer - BP Exploration, Houston TX

Project Summary

Under the ACTI initiative proposed by President Clinton, computing and basic science technology from the National Laboratories is to be applied to domestic energy production problems. Our proposal (Postscript version, 60K) was to work closely with reservoir and software engineers from the US oil industry to develop and bring to market software which has the capabilities for visualization of flux data and to integrate Virtual Reality technology into this environment.

The two-year, $210K project was ranked number 9 out of 122 proposals submitted by the nine National Laboratories. We commenced work early in 1995, and anticipate completion of our work by September 1996. In broad terms, the project goals have been met, despite significant and unexpected funding cuts.

Projected Milestones

In the original proposal, we identified the following milestones.

Fiscal Year 1995

Fiscal Year 1996

Project Progress Summary

For more detailed information about progress on a bimonthly basis, please refer to the progress summaries below.

Fiscal Year 1995: February 1995-September 1995

Fiscal Year 1996: October 1995-October 1996

Reports and Publications

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