Advanced Flux Visualization and Virtual Reality for Reservoir Engineering

Final Report
Fri Apr 4 12:09:55 PST 1997

Wes Bethel (P.I.), Janet Jacobsen, Nancy Johnston
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, California

Andy Austin, Mark Lederer
BP Exploration
Houston, Texas

Todd Little
Landmark Graphics Exploration
(nee: Western Atlas Software)
Houston, Texas

The project, titled "Advanced Flux Visualization and Virtual Reality for Reservoir Engineering," was a collaborative effort between Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, BP Exploration (Houston, TX) and Landmark Graphics Corporation (formerly Western Atlas Software). Driven by the needs and expertise of the oil industry, the overall goal of the project was to leverage computing facilities at LBNL so as to produce a commercially-available product. The product in this case is software which is used for visualizing "flux" data (multi-phase fluid flow).

This document is the capstone for a project funded by ACTI (Advanced Computational Technology Initiative). All results of the effort are made available here, including access to freely-available software, research results as well as administrative information about the project.

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Wes Bethel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory