This is an archival copy of the Visualization Group's web page 1998 to 2017. For current information, please vist our group's new web page.

Visualization at NERSC

The NERSC Center and its High Performance Computing Facility offer a unique resource to its user community: institutional support for visualization. Institutional visualization support to the NERSC user community means that visualization experts on staff are available to help you with your challenging visualization problems (services). NERSC provides a number of visualization software tools on its systems for use by the user community (software). Also, NERSC provides a high performance, interactive resource dedicated for use on visualization activities.

The Visualization Group's "perfect project" is one for which there is no off-the-shelf solution. Examples of such projects can be seen on our Visualization Vignettes page. We're here to help provide Visualization solutions to the NERSC user community. Please file your request for help through the one of the avenues listed on the How to Get Help at NERSC page.