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Tiled Projector Array

Located in the AGnode room (50B-1211), the tiled projector array (TPA) is connected via a video switch to the AGnode computers, as well as a multipipe SGI graphics server ( The aggregate display size is 3840x2048 pixels spread over approximately 50 square feet. At the present time (May 2002), the TPA may be used by any visualization or graphics application that runs on judgedee, but manual intervention is required by a member of the visualization group to move video cables, flip toggles on the video switch and to reconfigure the X server on the SGI. However, any application that runs on the SGI can immediately take advantage of the acres of pixels provided by the TPA.

Early feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive. Details that are simply not visible on the desktop become clearly visible on the TPA due to the 4-fold increase in resolution as compared to desktop platforms.

AGnode picture
The Tiled Projector Array is located in 50B-1211.

Details and technical data on the TPA:

Model: Barco "Atlas" Rear Projection Display Wall 
Size: 6 tiles in 12' diagonal 3x2 matrix
Resolution 1280x1024 per projector for 3840x2048 resolution
Projectors: 3-LCD Barco projectors based on BarcoReality
Display Wall Features:  
        * 0.3mm gap between neighboring projectors
         (no pixels wasted to edge-blending or calibration)
        * High contrast JenMar blackscreen
        * Fresnel lens scattering correction
Video Sources:
        * Win2k PC with 6 VGA outputs (Access Grid)
        * Multipipe Onyx2 for Graphics (Graphics 
          non-stereo CaveLIB.  Regular applications 
          supported by X11 Xinerama extensions).
        * 6 node Linux graphics cluster (in progress)