Conundrum* Talks


The Visualization Group will be hosting a weekly series of talks which, like their name, are somewhat of a conundrum. Their purpose is primarily to stimulate interaction between people and groups doing research in a relaxed, supportive way. Hopefully, the audience will talk as much as speaker, the speaker will get as much out the experience as the audience, and everyone will have their perspectives changed a little bit. We'll be encouraging the speakers to talk about something that's up in the air, air their negative results, and point out where things just aren't quite right. We will not by having presentations of final results or tutorials. We'll be shooting for something less structured and more open.

Everyone should feel welcome to attend these talks. If you do attend, get into the spirit of the occasion - enjoy yourself, the people around you, and the overall atmosphere. Make supportive and compelling comments which encourage more discourse rather than less. Neither the speaker nor the audience should think they have too many of the answers to what is being discussed. If they do, they're not look hard enough or pressing hard enough against the seams. Talks will range from work/research in progress to ideas at the fringe of current work to areas being learned about to outside interests that seem to connect/resonate with other work.


These talks started on October 18, 1999 and will be ongoing for as long as we can find people interested in giving talks! This lasted until late in 2000 when the talks were canceled until further notice.

Current Schedule - Canceled until further notice

Date and Time
further notice
further notice
further notice

Past Talks - 4th Quarter 2000

Past Talks - 3rd Quarter 2000

Past Talks - 2nd Quarter 2000

Past Talks - 1st Quarter 2000

Past Talks - 4th Quarter 1999


The talks will be on Mondays from 1-2 PM in the 50F conference room. See this page for the current status and schedule, guidelines for speakers and the audience, etc. (i.e. all the details!).

Also, feel free to contact Terry Ligocki,, x6140 (the contact for this series in the visualization group).

*a problem admitting no satisfactory solution