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Information About Entrant

	Wes Bethel
	Staff Scientist
	Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
	Mail Stop 50F
	Berkeley CA 94720

	(510) 486 7353
Entrant's fax number: 
	(510) 486 5548


Image Title: 
	In the Mix

Detailed Description of Image and method and importance of technique used:

Human intuition is among the most precious of resources.  The challenge
we face as technology evolves is to find ways which permit us to
leverage this scarce and valuable resource while taking full advantage
of ever-increasing FLOPS and bandwidth.

"In the Mix" was generated by a prototype system which integrates virtual
reality, visualization and reservoir engineering technology, funded as
an experiment under contract number DE-AC03-76SF00098 between the U. S. 
Department of Energy and the University of California as part of the
Advanced Computational Technology Initiative.  With this system, reservoir
engineers can freely interact with flow-simulation data using an intuitive
and simple virtual-reality interface to numerous visualization and
computing processes.  Such interaction is crucial to maximizing the
use of human intuition in finding answers to various what-if questions.

The cycle of theory formulation and thesis testing is central to
scientific progress and new discoveries.  We believe that VR interfaces
which simplify access to complex computational tools provide one means
maximize the use of human intuition in an ever-changing technological

Creator(s) of Image:
	Wes Bethel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley CA.

Owner(s) of Image Copyright (if different from above): 

Desired Image Credit: 
	Wes Bethel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley CA. -
		composition, custom visualization and virtual reality software.
	Andy Austin and Mark Lederer, BP Exploration, Houston TX;
	Todd Little, Landmark Graphics Corporation, Houston TX,
		reservoir simulation data

Hardware used to create Image (must be an SGI system): 


Software used to create Image:
	Custom visualization and virtual reality software, AVS.

Media Type: ftp://sgigate.sgi.com/SURF/

Contest Category (select one or more): 

4. Computational Fluid Dynamics 
10. Computer-Aided Engineering 
11. Earth Resource Mgt., Geosciences/GIS 
12. Visual Simulation 
13. Scientivic Visualization/Life Sciences