2009 DOE Computer Graphics Forum Site Report Survey

Note 4/16/09

The deadline for submitting site reports has passed; this form will let you enter data but you can't submit anything.


Please use carriage returns and tabs to format your text in the boxes below. Don't use HTML tags. If you don't enter a carriage return, the text inside the box will wrap, but the text in the file and which is displayed WILL NOT wrap. Text entered in these boxes is surrounded with "pre" tags for display, so any HTML tags you enter will effectively be ignored.

Contact and Site Information
Site Name
(Note: please don't use forward or back slashes in the site name field.)
Site Division or Group
Site Representative Name
Site Rep Mailing Address, including phone, fax and email.
Your Group's Mission
Define the ongoing mission of your site and group.
Describe the past year's activities of your group.
What are the plans and priorities for the upcoming year?
Your Group's Funding
Whence comes your funding? E.g., how is your group funded? (Note we're not asking about dollar amounts)
Your Group's Present Resources
Current Hardware platforms.
Current Software
Current Staff
Growth/expansion plans for the upcoming year
Additional comments (if any)